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This bone-mill, with essential sections in stainless Sandvik steel, has excellent bone cutting qualities. Milling by hand is an extremely fast procedure, approximately 20 seconds for a femoral head, deep frozen or thawed. A power driven mechanism is not required.

The standard cylinder, with eight blades, each equipped with nine cutting teeth, produces bone chips of excellent quality for impaction. Additional cylinders are available for larger sized chips. The teeth of the blades are made of wear-resistant steel and can be used extensively before sharpening is required. These blades are replaceable.

The bonemill is fully autoclavable, easy to dismantle for cleaning, and securely attached with one clamp to any table.

• Takes complete deep frozen femoral head
• Fastest milling available
• Simple mechanical action
• Variable chip sizes
• Easy to set up and operate
• Blades manufactured by Sandvikens of Sweden