CO2 Lavage System


Potential for increased cement penetration into bone bed and reduced opportunity for micro-emboli.

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The CaboJet uses compressed CO2 gas to clean and dry a prepared bone surface prior to cementing. It removes the fatty marrow from the interstices of the bone increasing cement penetration and greatly reducing the risks of fatty emboli being forced into the blood stream during cement pressurisation.


A compressed CO2 gas jet is more effective at removing fluid and fluid-suspended debris from a porous matrix than a liquid cleaning jet. The liquid jet is useful for washing of gross debris, but is much less effective at removing fluid debris in the interstices of cancellous bone.

CarboJet Lavage provides the opportunity for complete "whiteout" of the cement mantle in the hip and increased cement penetration under the tibial component in the knee.

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CarboJet System Video Preview
To see a video preview of the CarboJet system visit the Video Journal of Orthopedics website at the link below. Look for "Internet Streaming Video" on the right side of the page and click on the link below "Preview this videosynopsis (free) "

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